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Every year, we try to do a big local show around the holidays. Why the hell should this year be any different? Come out and party at the Triple Rock with us.

We love playing there and would love to see you there. 5pm – ALL AGES. Bring your kids 9pm – Drunk show. Bring your hot date!

*an important note…. And we’re very sorry about this. Instead of Ill Carnage, the actual name is Ill Chemistry. We apologize for the confusion. Kisses - Felix</p

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Heiruspecs are no stranger to The Whole Music club. Heiruspecs has been back in the studio crafting what is shaping up to be the most personal, honest and though-out record of their career. The currently untitled full-length is slated for a September release.

Black Blondie are four friends bounded by a common love for creating music. Coming from diverse artistic backgrounds, they have created a musical experience that is uniquely their own. Soul, hip-hop, funk, jazz, they pull influences from everywhere. Picked by the readers of the City Pages as one of the “Best New Bands” of 2007, MC/VL has had a great response after the releases of the “Jaws” EP and “Stance” LP U of M student tickets now available, purchase them online now. General sales begin Friday, November 20. Coffman Memorial Union, The Whole. Dec 11: Doors 7:30pm, Show 8pm. Free.

Ahh, the Waterfront. Me No Money. After eating crab and shrimp before a rap show, the drinking begins...

...and it doesn't end. Why not have a Heiruspecs show?

See you guys next time. This time less booze... No one should have to challenge a rappers "rapness". EVER. Hit us up and send us your pictures!!!!</p

Thanks to all you guys that came out. A big thank you to the ClubFR people who came out including half of Grip Gamblers ( We always love coming down to Chicago because we have so many friends and family members there.

p>HOMELEFT2Fancy. You might be thinking; "Why has this website been so quiet lately?" or "Man these guys suck at the internet." But you'd be wrong in thinking things are somehow amiss. In fact, the band has been back in the lab again working on a new album tentatively titled WE ARE THE FUTURE.

We have also been booking a few shows. 2 nights ago we were in Wisconsin. What's next you ask? I can't wait to tell you! 11-14 Heiruspecs is in Chicago at The Abbey Pub. More details can be found right here... We've now been to the Abby Pub a gazillion times and every time it's a blast. Always, we see friends and family and every time those groups get a little bigger. Come down and join the fun. 11-21 Heiruspecs in in Souix Falls, South Dakota at Nutty's North. More info for that is as follows... More shows to come for sure including one or 2 in the Twin Cities. More info on those later this week. In the mean time, here are a couple of video's from our CD release party that are good friend Alex was kind enough to edit together for us;

Lastly, here are a couple random shots to confuse you about what will happen on a new Heiruspecs record...

Heiruspecs Hideaway 10-24 022

Heiruspecs Hideaway 10-24 023

Heiruspecs Hideaway 10-24 026

Heiruspecs Hideaway Part 2 and Menomenie 004