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See below for more info on the show. We're already here and getting ready to rumble...

I found the time to upload some pics before we got into soundcheck. This show already feels magical. Kids in the hallway are proving that the buzz is around. It's nice to know that Heiruspecs is still remembered around the way... Cant wait to play. Hurry up and get here!

Come on down. You'll feel better. We'll feel better.

Heiruspecs Scholarship Concert Poster

Heiruspecs is going to be featuring a lot of the great music that has come out of Central High School on the radio in advance of their scholarship appearance. We are especially interested in hearing from Central students or Central graduates who are in the know.

If you have audio and/or recommendations, please send them along to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. More details on when and where to tune in are soon to come!


A few shots of rehearsals from the last couple days or so...

Very Tired and VERY Excited to do this benefit show tomorrow. LOTS of awesome guests joining us.