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We want to thank everyone who came out to see us last night. It's always great to play a show in town and to play in front of a sold out crowd makes us feel all special inside with warm and tingly feelings. Big ups to More Than Lights, Muja Messiah and Glo-pesci. You guys killed it!

This is Twinkie Jiggles from Heiruspecs. The MN Music Coalition is putting together a pretty amazing Summit for the weekend of June 8. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Minnesota Music Coalition it is a non-profit group that has been firing on all cylinders for the past couple years trying to improve state connectivity to music related resources and performances. That's fancy college talk for saying that they are setting up performance and learning experiences all through the state. Heiruspecs is one of the featured guests of their big old summit here in St. Paul. Clear your calendar on Friday June 8 and check out a songwriting workshop with us in Room 224 of McNally Smith at 4:30PM. Later that night come watch us throw down at the Amsterdam Bar and Hall over at 6th and Wabasha. We look forward to seeing you. More information is available on the MN Music Coaltion website.

Dre Day is upon us again.

Find more information on the Dre Day Event Page on Facebook.


The Heiruspecs crew is joining some special guests to provide the headlining set for Dre Day 2012. Come on down. Here's the crew in rehearsal with a slept on Dre classic, Nas is Coming.

Heiruspecs & The Central High School Foundation are proud to announce the:

Third Annual Heiruspecs Scholarship Fundraiser Show

Saturday April 7, 2012

Featuring All Ages and Twenty-One Plus Performances at the Turf Club

All Ages Doors: 5PM

21+ Doors: 9PM