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GOTV-concertHeiruspecs is proud to throw their support around Congressman Keith Ellison's Get Out the Vote campaign. We are strong supporters of the push to make sure individuals make their voices heard by voting. Being a part of events like this help us make sure that folks that love Heiruspecs get a chance to learn where to register to vote and are encouraged to learn about the issues. We are also beyond honored to be joined by such amazing acts as Toki Wright and Big Cats, Sims, Gabriel Douglas and Guante. Please grab tickets ASAP as this event is a likely sell out!

Bastille Day2014-thumb-565x873Twin Cities Heiruspecs Fans: catch Heiruspecs this Sunday at the Bastille Day Block Party. Heiruspecs has played this event a couple times in its history and it is always a great time. All of Uptown throws down over by Lake Calhoun for an awesome celebration of French gaining independence, or storming something, or just being French in general. To celebrate we put on a great ass rap show and throw it down with pride. Voul├ęz vous rap show? We though so.

siouxfalls-Heiruspecs-smGreetings Heiruspecs family,

Sean here. We are headed out to Sioux Falls on Saturday and it has been an inexcusably long time since we've been there. The city has always been great to us and the promoter we work with, Jayson, is just incredible. We are playing at a new spot we've never done before called Big's Sports Bar. We hope you'll get the chance to come out.

We are excited that Mally and his DJ Last Word are coming out with us on this trip. They've been doing great things, including securing a tour alongside Brother Ali. That is quite an honor indeed. So, be sure to get there early to catch an amazing set from one of the best rappers out of Minneapolis.

We will also be joined by local Sioux Falls talent AdApt, Professor Rock and Diverse City. We haven't met Professor Rock or Diverse City but AdApt puts on a hell of a show and we've been knowing him for years. We'd love to see you there this Saturday!

Greetings Heiruspecs fans, friends and family.

travaypraySean 'Twinkie Jiggles' McPherson here. As you can see from the calendar 2014 is a busy summer for Heiruspecs in the Twin Cities. With our new record "Night Falls" being fresh we took a couple extra summer gigs to share our tunes new and old with you. We are excited to be the part of one of Travail Kitchen and Amusement's large-scale events.

This crew of rap-loving crazies has created one of the most buzzed about restaurant scenes in Minnesota and whenever Felix goes in there they treat him like fucking royalty. So when we got the call to do the gig, it was a go. You'll be seeing some crazy food at this event. We love when the food at these outdoor events gets a little more ambitious. We are certainly looking to having some crazy ass food on Sunday and we hope you'll enjoy us.

I also felt motivated to write this note as I sat down to work on our set list for the show. We will make our set at all these shows different from one to the next during the summer. Different songs, different arrangements, different t-shirts, same guitar pedals. We hope you get the chance to come on out and rock with us this summer.

Thanks everybody! Have a great weekend.