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salutforwebI am supposed to publish these on Wednesdays... dammit - missed again. Greetings to all of you beautiful people. Another week is upon us and the time to party is now! This past week was pretty chill for us but we have work to do this weekend.

First and foremost, we are playing GRAND OLD DAY street festival in St. Paul this Sunday (6/7) at NOON. Its very important that I stress that we are playing at NOON. We’ll be on the Salut stage which is at 917 Grand Ave St Paul, MN 55105. True story. Full info to be found here - Take advantage of another dirt cheap outdoors Heiruspecs show. Party with several hundred thousand of your neighbors. This is billed as the biggest block party in the country and it’s no joke.


GetCryphy-pink-2Friday 6/4, Felix hosts GET CRYPHY in 1st Avenue’s VIP room with Jimmy 2 Times. Last time Heiruspecs played the Triple Rock, Jimmy 2 Times held down the turntables all night and Friday shall be even more rediculoid. With original mixes of classic rap and dance tracks, this should be awesome. More info and a taste of the music can be found here - Details for admission are here - Oh yes.

Maria IsaIn the main room at 1st Ave on 6/4, our friend Maria Isa is having her CD release party. Congrats! If you want to go check it out please do. Maria Isa, Muja Messiah, Mayda, Danceband, Kill the Vultures, I Self Divine, and St. Paul Slim will be joining her on stage as well. If you’ve seen us in the Twin Cities or nearby within the last year, you’ve seen every single one of those acts at least once. Go check it out! Maria Isa is featured on the Heiruspecs song "Lenses" and her band has been holding it down for Sota-Rico for a few years now. Go get em! Heiruspecs is now on Twitter so come and follow us if you’re up on it.. is the lick! Follow us. Why? Because it proves that we’re all up on this social networking thing... I gotta plug Twinkie’s McNally Smith Program as well - Please check this out immediately if you have any desire to take part in rap related workshops and classes. "Hip Hop Workshop. McNally Smith’s first ever Hip Hop Workshop will be under the direction of Sean McPherson, bassist and bandleader of Twin Cities Hip Hop heroes, Heiruspecs. Sean (a/k/a Twinkie Jiggles) will bring in many prominent emcees, producers, graphic artists and others to cover the essentials – and more – of Hip Hop. Instructor demonstrations and Q&A sessions will mix in with recording sessions and side trips to Twin Cities Hip Hop landmarks for a full week of instruction, insight and career guidance. The week ends with a final performance and a CD documenting each participant’s creations. The program is designed for ages 13 and up. Questions? Contact Sean McPherson or visit the Facebook Page." Coming up soon - Big Trouble is June 12 for the How Was The Show 7th Anniversary at the Turf Club Big Trouble is June 27 at Turf Club for the Sensational Joint Chiefs show Thanks for looking! See you at Grand Old Days!- Felix Oh, also... while randomly searching the interweb, I found this.


Take a look. It will blow your mind.

Thanks to everyone who came out!

Soundset and Knight Yellow Dirt Lion 003 Soundset and Knight Yellow Dirt Lion 004 Soundset and Knight Yellow Dirt Lion 005

The following pics are all courtesy of Brandon All Day-Big Quarters - Thanks FAM-O!




Again, thanks to all who came. If you want to see my take on the car show, visit The pics are all on my camera phone but are still fun. If you missed the show, shame on you. Got me a new MN Nice shirt. Felix

Congratulations Central High Schools class of 2009. It was an honor to speak at your graduation ceremony and a pleasure to shake so many of your hands as you got your diplomas.

Best of luck in whatever you do next. I’m sure I’ll be seeing most of ya’ll around the way soon...

Graduation and Bedlam 047Graduation and Bedlam 048

The lights were on... that’s for sure.

Graduation and Bedlam 050

Seriously, this was nerve racking and amazing - Thanks for the opportunity to share in your moment! Felix

Hey all, it’s Felix - Well, I feel like I just did the last newsletter a couple of days ago but I guess it’s been more than a week. Thanks to everyone who came out to support us at our shows over this past weekend. I have a soundset picture update coming late tomorrow. Heiruspecs doesn’t have any shows this weekend but that doesn’t mean we aren’t doing anything.

First off, I am proud to say that I am giving the commencement speech at Central High School here in St. Paul. Yes, that’s where Heiruspecs got it’s start so it’s a real honor to be asked to come back and say something good to the graduating class of 2009. This happens on Tuesday and I must admit I am a bit nervous. I have high expectations for myself mostly and I hope people don’t get bored with me like the expect to be with any speaker. To the rest of you Heiruspecs fans out there graduating this year, CONGRATULATIONS!

331-contactBig things ahead for all of you, I know it. Twinkie gave me the scoop on a show happening tonight (5/29/2009) at the 331 Club. BIG TROUBLE - 9PM to 1AM at the 331 Club in NE Mpls. The show is free. The place will fill with people for sure. Get there NOW. Since we’re talking about Twinkie Jiggles, here’s something that hasn’t gotten a lot of light on this page yet. He is helping direct a hip hop program with workshops at McNally Smith College of Music - It features Toki Wright, Brandon All Day, New MC, Super Engineer Joe Mabbott and more. More details are on the McNally Smith site.

mic_logo_sidebarI spy Muad’dib on the front page... You’ve known it for years but now there’s a little something to prove that DVRG is a Minnesotan making an impression. It’s kind of nice to know that you work with a real live hero. Right? I mean you never knew Clark Kent was superman did you? DeVon is actually a classically trained composer and all around music lover. You know how some clubs play classical music to get you to leave at 3am? Well, guess who’s just getting started. But I digress... You can read about it onthe MetBlogs page and I bet you’ll be impressed. As usual, more to come later! Here’s a video of us at Soundset to tide you over.