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picture-072Good god I’m slacking on this... Hey All, Sorry for the long delay. We’ve all been very busy and I’ve been working on some music of my own. We just played at the MN State Fair thanks to the Current who put us in Carousel Park for Minnesota Public Radio Day. Good looking out! Would you believe that after a largely slow month, we’ve got a bunch of shows coming up?

True story.... and there was much rejoicing. 9/12/2009 Heiruspecs will be performing at Pizza Luce in Duluth. 9/13/2009 Heiruspecs will be at the Concrete and Grass Festival (at Mears Park in downtown St. Paul) 9/18/2009 Heiruspecs will be at Sauce Spirits & Soundbar (3000 Lyndale Ave. S. in Minneapolis) 9/26/2009 Heiruspecs will be live at The Aquarium in Fargo (226 Broadway - Fargo ND) a good place to get more info.

9/12/2009 Heiruspecs will be performing at Pizza Luce in Duluth. has you covered if you need more info. Our good friends Big Quarters will be joining us for this show and it’s gonna be fresh. Last time we were in Duluth, we played the UofM campus and it was pandamonium. Now imagine trying to cram all of these lovely folks into a smaller room; Exactly.

CG_logo_2c 9/13/2009 Heiruspecs will be at the Concrete and Grass Festival (at Mears Park in downtown St. Paul) It’s really worth noting that we are playing right after the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra. There are a lot of kids we know in that bunch. See you this weekend! 9/18/2009 Heiruspecs will be at Sauce Spirits & Soundbar (3000 Lyndale Ave. S. in Minneapolis) 9/26/2009 Heiruspecs will be live at The Aquarium in Fargo (226 Broadway - Fargo ND) is a good place to get more info. Oh, but there’s more! BIG TROUBLE will be playing too; Friday Sept. 11th at Eclipse Records In St. Paul for the No Bird Sings (all ages) CD Release Party. Friday Oct. 9th @ the Dakota for the Dakota Late Night series.

l_fb3ef953b24e84b7df9cb9189765004bIn other news, Big ups to New MC for using the Heiruspecs instrumentals in his solo set. I caught him at the Nomad the other night and it was awesome. Just to plug a long time friend of Heiruspecs, he can be found on and is constantly holding up rap shows in South Minneapolis. Word on the street is that a lot of people were, and still are buzzing about our song GET UP being used prominently in P. Diddy’s Making His Band. We still get feedback on it even though it’s in it’s millionth round of re-runs. No, I’m not posting a pic of Diddy. That would be too easy. More to come soon. Including details on a huge sale of some Heiruspecs Hoodies just in time for the cold to start creeping in. We live in the upper midwest, we know how to look good in the fall. Awesome Enough, Felix is where you find out more... This is Twinkie Jiggles’ trivia empire. Get with it or get run over!


Right on time and feelin’ fine! - Newsletter published by Felix Hey all, it’s been a slowish week for Heiruspecs and it looks like this week will be a little slow too. You can’t always be busy you know?

That’s how you hurt yourself... or make yourself famous. We can’t have that now. Having said this, you would think there wouldn’t be much to say in this newsletter but you’d be wrong. I can tell you that we’re starting to put together a bunch of shows for the fall already and we will be hitting places around the midwest for sure. I hope to see Chicago, Duluth, Fargo, and beyond this fall and am eager to see some more familiar faces. WHAT?

TwnkjglsSean "Twinkie Jiggles" McPherson has published a blog post on the Twin Cities Daily Planet site outlining the 5 most uppercrust and embarrasing ways to get a black eye. It’s his response to several peoples snide comments on his recent shiner. You can check it out right here - Sean is also judging a Drunken Spelling Bee being held at the 501 Club on Saturday, June 20th. Just think about how fun this could be for a second.... ok, now go over to for more details if you are thinking you’re pretty good as a spellor. Rules and other tidbits are on the site if you’re curious. I’m thinking the drunk who was sleeping on my front steps last Saturday night probably wouldn’t have won this but maybe you can hold your liquor better than he can.

organJUNE 27TH MARKS THE BEGINING OF THE MCNALLY SMITH HIP HOP WORKSHOP. Our good friend DJ Judo will be there teaching you how to use turntables. is the place to go for more info. There is some video of Big Trouble playing at Bryant Lake Bowl with Dave Campbell last friday night that may be worth a look if you haven’t made it out to see Big Trouble yet. If you’re still not sure what this is all about, Big Trouble is a band comprised largely by the Heiruspecs instrumentalists. Video; Still coming up for Big Trouble is a June 27th show with the Sensational Joint Cheifs. Date and showtime will be in next weeks newsletter.

DeVon "DVRG" Gray is confirmed in the MPR/Fitzgerald Theatre Organ Mentorship. The program features veteran players working with Twin Cities musicians to pass along the history and tradition of a dying art while not neccesarily playing in the olde style. They are excited to have players that are forward thinking and want to take this dying art and give it new clothes. We are excited for DVRG to be a part of it. DVRG will also be returning to his role as Apprentice Conductor with the Minnesota Youth Symphonies for 2009/2010.


toki-wright-a-different-mirror-release-posterCongrats again to our good friend Toki Wright who has succesfully released his album A Different Mirror on Rhymesayers Entertainment. I picked up the album, have you? A lot of people who may not know Toki will remember the Twin Cities Celebration of Hip Hop series that he has succesfully promoted with YO! the Movement in the past. He was the host on the main stage at Soundset this year and had a memorable set there as well. If you are curious to know more about him, please check him out online at


In pseudo fake news, I randomly found out we have a profile on "Who’s Dated Who" - Apparently a few of you are curious to see who Josh Peterson is dating. Not that any of that info appears on their website - Will anything of factual actually be added? Who knows? It’s just funny to know it’s there.



Thanks to the Heiru fans that came down to Elko Speedway this past weekend for the Eve Of Destruction event and watched me host as TMF Opposition did their drifting demo’s. We put a car into the wall at 70mph and it was lots of fun. I’m going to have to start bringing Heiruspecs CD’s to sell down there. Other stuff of note; DVRG’s Bach & Beer ensemble will be doing a concert Sat. August 1st at MacPhail. Program will include Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto no. 3, the Beethoven Septet and more. DVRG will be featured playing bassoon.

Thanks for reading

Dammit, I’m late again... shame on me.


Well, it’s been slow enough over the last 2 weeks that I haven’t done a newsletter. Don’t be mad. Our fall is slowly starting to book itself without any help. How nice. I am fresh off of a suprise hosting gig at Hot Import Nights Chicago at Soldier Field. I hosted the drifting event for HIN/Formula D/ClubFR/and TMF Opposition. For those of you unfamiliar to drifting, it’s all about sliding your car. I manage a team of these drivers on the side. It was an honor to host this event in front of thousands of people and set against the downtown Chicago skyline. Coming up? August 22nd, Heiruspecs will play at the RED STAG in NE, Mpls in our first local show in some time.

cresIt’s going to be different. That’s all I’ll say on that for now. More to come later... Crescent Moon returns in Big Trouble this Saturday at the Triple Rock. (Click on the picture to blow it up). It should be a blast with No Bird Sing and The Teddy Holidays. Big Trouble has a record out with Crescent Moon which you should go find and buy immediately. This isn’t radio - that’s a call to action. DO IT! The Star Tribune wrote up a great article on McNally Smith’s Hip Hop program (Which Sean Twinkie Jiggles McPherson is a huge part of) and it looks great. I bumped into DJ Judo on the street the other day and he said his part was a blast and getting kids to put their hands on turntables was great. Check out the article

itunesJust a reminder, Heiruspecs back catalog should be available to you on iTunes so if you’re missing something, that’s gonna be the easiest place to find it. Get it now, before iTunes switches to subscription based service and artists have a harder time getting music onboard! On the radar; Medium Zach of Big Quarters has gotten himself engaged and is celebrating Sat. Aug 15th at Suburban World Theater with Anton, Espada, Noam the Drummer, and Miguel Vargas. Congrats homey! Heiruspecs is confirmed for The Last of the Record Buyers on Sept. 17th. We were previously slotted for August 20th but the big switcharoo has been pulled. More to come on that. SPOTTED - Get Cryphy July 3rd... Franz Diego and co. (photo by Wes Winship)


Dammit, I am late again aren’t I? - Felix OK, as usual, thank you guys for coming out to see us. Grand Old Day was a good time and we have all survived a week of confusing weather. Let’s get right into it...

ssl_1iTunes has officially added up 10 Years Strong and Small Steps for your listening pleasure. This is perfect for those of you guys who haven’t been able to make it out to a show in a while or don’t have access to the older stuff at your local record store. Don’t hold me to it, but we may put Antidesestablishmetabolism up there too. Why the hell not? A big thanks to our friends over at Eclectone Records for actually doing the work of this. You may think there’s something happening there but we’re just lazy. In the coming month, you will start seeing some Youtube style video’s where some Twin Cities greats list off their top 10 Heiruspecs songs. I am very much looking forward to that. They’ll all be there on iTunes if you don’t have them.


Here’s a little something from the Bass-man - Sean "Twinkie Jiggles" McPherson;

Here’s my update about the McNally Smith Program:

The hip-hop summer workshop planning is going well and we are very excited to have St. Paul’s own DJ Judo teaching the fundamentals of turntables. If you are a student in a St. Paul Public School be sure to check out the St. Paul Connections program to see how you can attend the workshop for a very discounted price.

Twinkie is also hosting a new blog over at Twin Cities Daily Planet. Check it out here - He stared off doing a list of the best things ever to happen at Grand Old Days. Big Trouble News -


“On June 12 Big Trouble is joining the How Was the Show ( 7th Year Anniversary show. It’s a big celebration and Big Trouble will be joined by DJ Giving it to They Ass on vocals (aka David Campbell of the Current). Learn more on this awesome podcast. ( There is a new Big Trouble track on the podcast called "Joshu" that you haven’t heard yet.

On June 27 Big Trouble will be helping the Sensational Joint Chiefs ( play their first show club in a long time. The Sensational Joint Chiefs helped raise the Heiruspecs crew and gave them their first gigs at nightclubs in the Twin Cities way back in 1998. It is an honor for Big Trouble to be joining them. Be sure to show up early, these folks can still fill a room.

DVRG has an interesting new thing going on... it’s a Theatre Organ mentorship at the Fitzgerald. More on that to come!

elko_oct07 0436

Felix will be on a racetrack again this weekend, June 13 to be exact, this time with a microphone announcing the TMF Opposition drift demo at the first of many Eve of Destruction events at Elko Speedway. If you are into schoolbus racing and figure 8 stock cars, this is your jam. More info can be found at What else? I think that may really be it. Big Quarters is out on the West Coast touring. Toki Wright’s new album A Different Mirror is IN STORES NOW. Maria Isa’s album Street Politics is IN STORES NOW. I leave you with this; I just found out my cousin put out a rap video a while back. He lives in Amsterdam and raps in Dutch. He goes by the name of Prozak. It runs in the family. Check this out...

Thanks, Felix