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It was a friday night, the sun had gone down and there we were in Uptown. As this is another local show, we had a lot of friends there. We haven’t been playing any indoor shows in town this summer so this was a fun change of pace for us.

Lucy Michelle was there and doing her thin opening for us. Later on in the night, Lucy came up and joined us on the chorus's for Let it Fly and It Takes. She was great! Here's a video clip of her doing her thing;

YES! It was a good time. See all you guys next time!

This Friday, September 18, we play Sauce Soundbar with Lucy Michelle. Details below.


YOU JUST WON A BRAND NEW CAR!!!! So on Saturday, I heard a rumor that someone’s brand new Hyundai Genesis exploded on a race track at a Heiruspecs sponsored event.

I have been working with ClubFR, a Chicago based drifting organization, to sponsor some racing this season in the Midwest in part of my involvement with TMF Opposition. Keith Schoeler was there and took a few photo’s to prove the rumors true. Holy shit. As this happened on a race track with waivers signed, I don’t think insurance will cover it. Only 800 miles on the odometer and it all goes up in flames.




I somehow doubt that that 100,000 mile warranty is going to cover any of this... Sorry man! For more info on the photographer - see

I feel like I want to be Around you... When the sun goes down, yeah!
- Cassius

Perfect words for the night.

We showed up to catch the end of Martin Devaney’s set. Former Heiruspecs member and all around good guy, we had a drink with him accross the street from the show before setting up. Guess what? He aggreed to do Wardrums with us tonight...

Mears Park - 9-13 001

Here’s a before and after deal; This is 2 minutes before our set...

Mears Park - 9-13 006

and this is 2 minutes into our set...

Mears Park - 9-13 007

It was a super fun night. I didn’t get a ton of photo’s this time around as I was too busy swatting mosquito’s from the stage. Sorry if I looked like I was flipping out up there. I was getting eaten alive.

Mears Park - 9-13 008

The sun was starting to set and things always turn magical as the sun goes down. I wish I had more pics, I wish I had more pics, I wish I had more pics... There were a TON of photographers there so hopefully some will surface in the general press. Maybe our friend Asha will post hers. If she does, I’ll put a link up right away. Here’s a blurry one to show the sun went down eventually. Point and shoot fail;

Mears Park - 9-13 012

And then there was Carnage!

Mears Park - 9-13 011

Afterwards, we hung around and signed autographs and took a ton of photo’s. Thanks to everyone who came out! It was fun and especially so because it was a St. Paul affair. Here’s a pic that I took with my camera because someone’s camera phone may not have done the job. Enjoy, and thanks for waiting!

Mears Park - 9-13 013



You’re all on notice. Other than an unfortunate incident, this was a rediculoid show and we all sweated it out together. Good times. To the girl who grabbed my ass a few times; thanks! I wasn’t sure it was still there.