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Here's a video, striaght from the stage at our last show at Luther.

Between Luther and Fargo, Twinkie, Muad’dib and I stopped by the 331 club and had some fancy drinks. Bloody Mary’s for them, and a Mamosa for me.

A big special thanks has to go to Rob, who was the soundman for the nights show. He made Peter’s kick drum sound magical. Rick Ruben would have applauded. Rob is part of a band which can be found here

Decorah Iowa. No swearing until after the show. Then LOTS of swearing... and other stuff too!

The show was fun as hell. I’m glad so many people came out. There were a few Central grads there and a TON of Twin Cities folk. If you are a Luther College administrator, just pretend this is all happening at Grinnell. Thanks so much LUTHER!

So if you saw this, Then you knew that we were doing the Last of the Record Buyers thing presented by Brandon All Day of Big Quarters. We got a chance to hear a ton of dope beats by some of the Twin Cities up and coming hip hop producers and then show how we go about making beats for Heiruspecs material.

We brought out a bunch of shitty recordings of rough drafts and rehearsal tapes. We then played a bit and eventually tried to make something from scratch. Here’s a couple of pics I snapped while on stage.

Last of the Record Buyers - Sauce - DDYK8 001

Last of the Record Buyers - Sauce - DDYK8 003