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Heiruspecs Loppet

Greetings from Heiruspecs land. Sean here. We've been hard at work on our new record. We have recorded the basics for all the tracks and now it is the exciting process of adding extra elements to the songs and mixing them! If you haven't ever mixed a Heiruspecs record it's like paying per hour to fight with your best friends and at the end a diamond comes out that you are so proud to look at that you forget you did any fighting at all.

But, I'm here right now to let you know that we have a big show coming up this month! We are playing on Tuesday March 17 as part of the Parallel 45 Winter Festival. That means we will be in Theodore Wirth park bringing you great jams alongside Bad Bad Hats, Brother Ali, The Okee Dokee Brothers and more! Plus, the whole thing is free. Get all the details right here!