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Heiruspecs Holiday Classic

Thank you for all the support around the new Heiruspecs EP. We've been getting love from folks across the globe and the response is truly gratifying. If you haven't had the chance to check it out, get on that. It feels good to be back out releasing music, something we have plans to do lots of in the coming year. Right now, I'm really excited to let you know about our Holiday Classic.

We have lined up a legitimate miracle line up of incredible Twin Cities bands to help us ring in Christmas Eve Eve (December 23) with a really awesome lineup. We'll be back at one of our favorite venues, Amsterdam Bar and Hall in downtown STP. DJ Keezy will serve as the DJ throughout the event, and if you haven't seen her behind the tables (including at her signature event The Klituation) it can't be missed.

We are also really honored to be joined by fellow Central alum, Destiny Roberts. She's an incredible talent who puts on a stunning live show. She's starting to come up in a lot of conversations about great new artists, and her soundcloud page features her best work.

Through some miracle, Mike Lewis, Jeremy Ylvislaker and JT Bates were all available on the 23rd so there will be an Alpha Consumer throw down. That's some serious biz right there!

And of course, we're playing the Holiday Classic. The rehearsals have been great, the ideas are flowing and this is going to be one for the record books. We've been doing Holiday Classics for about 12 years sometime between Thanksgiving and New Year's, going back to 2005 at the Triple Rock. It's always such an honor to get to play in our hometown right around the holidays.

Grab some advance tickets and we'll see you on December 23 for the Holiday Classic.


Airing of Grievances!

In true Festivus fashion, we're offering our fans an opportunity to air your grievances through one of our MCs. Fill out the form below, and Felix will pull a bunch to rap about at the show.

Air Your Grievance