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Heiruspecs marks the 10 Year Anniversary of the First Review of Small Steps with a free download of the entire record on Tuesday March 13, 2012

 On March 13, 2002 Peter Scholtes penned a lovingly luke-warm review of Small Steps in the City Pages. Heiruspecs is marking the ten-year anniversary of that by making the record free for one day on their bandcamp site. The group is also throwing some goodies with the free download including some live recordings.

The group began work on the record in September of 2001 at Tom Herber’s Third Ear Studio where the TCF Stadium is now located. The album would cement the group’s touring credentials and helped them get on the road and secure a booking agent and manager by the end of 2002. The group was joined by artists who would go on to play big roles in the scene in the coming decade. Slug joined the group for their only studio collaboration thus far for the tune “In Regrets.” In addition a young P.O.S. joined Heiruspecs on the tune “Commonwealth” and Typical Cats member Qwaazar and South Minneapolis legend Big Zach all joined the cast.

The record went on to become the group’s calling card as they started to make inroads into the national music scene. It was the record that caught the attention of the A&R that signed them to Razor and Tie and it was also the record that convinced Cake’s management to put them on the road as an opening act for the group. And though only Noiseland would know for sure it’s safe to guess that record has sold in the area of 10,000 copies. Please be sure to grab this gem of Twin Cities hip-hop for the one day that it is available for free.

Heiruspecs would be remiss to not recognize the one member of the group from Small Steps that is not in the group’s lineup. The talented Tasha Baron, now the leader of Black Blondie, helmed the keyboard for this outing and many of Heiruspecs’ first tours. We applaud her contribution to the group and thank her for her beautiful work on the record. Her writing can be heard most clearly on the tune Memory, which she wrote largely on her own.