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Sean here,

We are releasing our first new music in our 20th year of existence. It's been an incredible journey and to us, making new music and sharing it with our fans is the most important part. We love to play the songs people want to sing along with, but we love risking it on new material. Since Josh brought a demo of what would become 'Relativity' into a rehearsal late last year, I've been so excited to share it with the world. Josh has been the originator of some our most musically interesting beats (Harriers and Merry Go Round in particular). And in February I got to hear the chorus and verses that Felix had come up with on the beat. It's been a great process since then, with Muad'dib finding a verse that sinks in on the same topic, Peter unearthing a cymbal we've never used before, and in general everyone pushing themselves to make a new track. We got to record with Adam Krinsky at Bellows and have Adam J. Dunn follow us around all day to bring a look into our studio process. I hope you guys enjoy, and I hope you come out and help us celebrate on Saturday, May 20 over at the Liquid Zoo.